Inventory Business Solutions

America II’s Inventory Business Group is the industry’s leading inventory solutions provider, giving you the ability to custom design solutions and managed services that address your unique needs. We have more than 15 years of experience providing assistance in managing inventories that provide our customers cost-saving and revenue-enhancing solutions. The goal of the Inventory Business Group is to provide business solutions designed to assist customers with the financial aspects of their inventory levels.

Revenue recovery on your excess inventory
equates to an increase in profit margins

At America II we have proven marketing channels to move your product, backed by one of the largest sales forces in the industry which is dedicated to securing you the greatest return on your investment. Our team’s market insight will help you make informed decisions to manage your inventory. Through its inventory management programs, customers have access to the Member Services online portal which allows them to view the live status of any consigned inventory, all sales activity and any recovered revenue. For OEMs, the revenue recovery on their excess inventory equates to an increase in profit margins – they’re losing less money so profits go up.

America II’s 40-person Inventory Business Group provides custom services that address your individual needs. Our goal is to build successful partnerships while meeting each customer’s business objectives. In one case, America II put together a trade-in program where the customer consigned excess inventory to America II. The OEM then used the recovered revenue to purchase new parts – not having to put any money out-of-pocket. Through this program, revenue recovery combined with cost savings provided by the America II sales team further increased the customer’s profit margin.

For additional real-life scenarios that show how America II can help manage your excess inventory, please visit the Download Center to view our white paper.

Put our logistics to work for you

Our team of logistics professionals is capable of receiving 2,000 pallets of product in a single shipment. When your inventory arrives at our ISO 9001:2008 and ANSI/ESD-S.20-2007-certified warehouse, we have 276,000 square feet of space to accommodate your product. Your product is uploaded to all major online inventory exchanges and is backed by America II’s financial strength.

In addition to providing flexible custom solutions for each of our vendors, our Inventory Business Group also provides standard programs such as:

Line Item Purchasing

  • Allows for individual line item accountability
  • Offers a quick fix

Lot Purchasing

  • Moves a large volume of product quickly at one time
  • Generates quick cash flow and eliminates carrying costs
  • Eliminates carrying costs associated with excess inventory
  • Eliminates time and effort spent selling unmarketable and custom inventory


  • We arrange for the shipment of your materials to our ISO 9001:2008- and ANSI/ESD-S.20-2007-certified warehouses
  • We record and report all sales of your company's product in addition to the portion of your inventory remaining in our stock, and return a percentage of the sales generated by your company's material.
  • This contractual agreement allows you full audit privileges of sales and inventory records related to your company's products
  • Program is easily established and maintained
  • Secures a high return on your inventory and investment
  • Best program for older and obsolete components

Recycling/Asset Recovery

  • Offered as an added service to our client customers
  • Allows for the disposal of your electronic obsolescence in an environmentally and economically sound way

End-of-Life Buys

  • Eliminate carrying costs (18% – 22% per year average)
  • Money is no longer tied up, allowing you to invest in other areas of growth
  • We ship product on your schedule with a reasonable mark-up
  • Eliminate need for a design change on your mature product