Website: www.passivecomponent.com
Founded: 1966
Corp. Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

America II is one of the world's largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. As a global franchised distributor of Walsin we offer the most complete range of Walsin products for virtually any application needing: IPassives (Capacitors, Inductors, Varistors), or RF/Wireless.

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Audio / Video



Handheld PCs

Computer / Networking

ESD Protection
Circuit Board Transient Voltage Protection for Ics and Transistors

Product Lines

Commodity Products
Passives (Capacitors) MLCC (multiple-layer ceramic chip): RF03 (0201), RF15 (0402), RF18 (0603), RF21 (0805)
  Disc Capacitors:  MLC Radial Lead Cap, Safety Cap, Ceramic Disc Cap
RF Devices High Frequency, Band Bass Filter + Balun, CMF Commode Mode Filter, DIP, Low Pass Filter (LPF), NFC and WPC Antennas
Inductors General Purpose, RF Inductor, Power Inductor.  Multilayer Inductor, Wire Wound chip, SMD air coil and power inductor.
Passives (Varistors) Low Volt, Middle Volt, High Volt, Chip Varistor

About Walsin

In 1966, Walsin Lihwa was founded with a capital of NT$30 million; the company was a manufacturer of power wire and cable at inception. Walsin Lihwa has become a leading manufacturer of bare copper wire, wire and cable, and specialty steel in the Greater China region, and has also successfully expanded into the high-tech industry and become an international enterprise with real estate, and trade operations.

Since 1972, Walsin Lihwa has been listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange. With its copper wires, power and communication cables as well as specialty steel widely used in a range of infrastructure projects. Walsin Lihwa’s 2014 consolidated revenue exceeds NT$160 billion, and the company has more than 5,000 employees.

Since the early 1990's, Walsin Lihwa has been aggressively pursuing growth, which focuses on Mainland China and now has more than 10 sites along the Yangtze River. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Walsin Lihwa has manufacturing sites in Hsinchuang, Yangmei, Taichung, Yenshui, Shanghai, Jiangyin, Nanjing, Changshu, Dong guan, Yantai, Xian, Indonesia, Malaysia, and California, U.S.A., enjoying readily available access to the massive local market.

As core business, the power wire and cable business produces copper as well as communication and power cables with an annual output of 650,000 tons of copper. Walsin Lihwa’s comprehensive product lines of communication and power wire and cable have long made the company the leader of the power and telecommunications markets in Greater China. The specialty steel business manufactures billets and slabs, wire rods, straight bars, seamless pipes and tubes, and is a leading supplier of stainless steel long products with sales channels around the world. The real estate business targets the business opportunities resulting from the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between Mainland China and Taiwan.

Walsin Lihwa has been successfully expanding into the areas of electronic components and parts, financial investment, optoelectronics, printed circuit boards, and semiconductors since the 1980's. These ventures are HannStar Board, HannStar Display, Passive System Alliance, and Winbond Electronics, which leverage Walsin Lihwa’s experience and achievements in advanced material and semiconductor development as the foundation for emerging technology deployment.

Walsin Lihwa always stays abreast with trends and its forward-looking strategy is effective in bringing in growth driven by innovation. The company has been working with renowned domestic and overseas academic and business partners to pursue R&D and technology independence, developing new businesses and products based on customer and market needs. Walsin Lihwa has consistently rigorous requirements for quality and rapidly integrated service; as a result, the company is able to become the best partner to customers and play a critical role at the significant moment of cross-Taiwan Strait economic cooperation. Walsin Lihwa will further pursue manufacturing excellence and customer base diversification to effectively grasp emerging industry opportunities and create new momentum for further growth.