IQD Frequency Products

Founded: 1973
Corp. Headquarters: England

America II is one of the world's largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. As a global franchised distributor of IQD Frequency Products we offer the most complete range of IQD Frequency Products for virtually any application needing: Quartz, Crystals, Oscillators, Clocks, Frequency, VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO, resonators, and timing.

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Computer / Networking






Product Lines

Commodity Products
Passives, Frequency Control, Timing Devices Quartz Crystals 
Clock Oscillators
Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO's)
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO's) and VCTCXO's (Voltage Controlled TCXO)
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO's)
GPS Disciplined OCXO's
Rubidium Oscillators (type of atomic clock)

About IQD

Backed by a pedigree that has been developed over 40 years, IQD Frequency Products is a recognized market leader in the frequency control market. With active customers in over 60 countries, IQD offers one of the most comprehensive frequency product ranges available, from low cost commercial grade product to that used in high reliability military and professional grade applications, including: 


  • Quartz Crystals 
  • Clock Oscillators 
  • Automotive Crystals & Oscillators to AEC-Q200/TS16949 
  • Fast Make Oscillators 
  • VCXOs 
  • TCXOs & VCTCXOs 
  • OCXOs 
  • GPS Disciplined OCXOs 
  • Rubidium Oscillators