Founded: 1972
Corp. Headquarters: Taiwan

America II is one of the world's largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components. As a global franchised distributor of Chilisin we offer the most complete range of Chilisin products for virtually any application needing: Inductors or Filters.

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Computer / Networking




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Product Lines

Commodity Products
Inductors (Power) Leaded Power Inductor:  Dip Molding Choke (DMI), CPU Choke (CPUD), SMD Power Ind (for DC/DC Conv App):  Closed Magnetic Circuit Type Molding Processing/Multilayer/Auto Assembly, Unshielded Type
Inductors (Chip) SMD Ceramic Chip (High Freq Multilayer, Thin Film, Wire Wound), SMD Ferrite Chip (General Signals/Decoupling Multilayer)
Inductors (Beads) Multilayer Chip Beads, Shielded, SMD EMI PC, Lead Ferrite, 
Inductors/Filters (Common Mode Choke) SMD Multilayer Common Mode Filter, SMD Common Mode Choke Coil, SMD Data Line Filter, SMD EMC Common Mode Filter, Leaded Data Line Filter

About Chilisin

Founded in 1972, Chilisin is a dedicated inductor manufacturer and service provider based in Taiwan. Over the years, Chilisin has grown into a worldwide corporation with factories and sales offices/channels in Taiwan, China, Europe and USA which provides inductor turnkey solutions for EMI, power and RF. With a complete product range and global technical support, Chilisin has become one of the few inductor suppliers capable of providing a complete &"one-stop shopping” experience.

To meet international standards and quality assurance, Chilisin implements strict management on quality and service, providing competitive products, efficient delivery and timely support for its customers. Chilisin is widely recognized by international companies such as Microsoft, SONY, Samsung, PACE, Panasonic, Nvidia, Foxconn, Harman Becker, Technicolor, Pantech, Quanta, Compal, Wistron, ASUS Group, MSI, Gigabyte, Alpha Networks, Zyxel, ChiMei, etc.

Chilisin is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since its IPO in 2001. With excellent operational performances year on year, Chilisin has continuously grew its revenues and profits to both satisfy the needs of its customers and maximize shareholder returns. Recently, Chilisin has been aggressively expanding its production capacity to establish itself as a worldwide leader in the fast-growing inductor supplier environment.