Lead Time Calculator

Calculate the date you'll receive your components based on the lead time

Lead time calculators are an essential tool for buyers. Many use printed date wheels or physical calculators to determine the delivery date of their components. With America II's Lead Time Calculator, the functionality is built right into your browser. Simply enter the order date, along with the lead time in either weeks or days. The calculator will immediately display your expected delivery date.

America II's Lead Time Calculator is a browser extension available for Firefox and Chrome users. Unfortunately this functionality is not available for Internet Explorer.

Installation takes less than five seconds. Once the browser plugin is installed, you will see the America II icon in your toolbar . Simply click the icon to reveal the Lead Time Calculator. The calculator will appear in the foreground, and you will not be taken away from the website you are on.

Download it now!

To download America II's Lead Time Calculator from either the Chrome Web Store or Mozilla's Add-on Gallery, please click one of the options below.