Installing A2Everywhere℠ for Internet Explorer

A2Everywhere℠ only works in IE versions 8 and up. A popup box will appear when installing. Selecting the checkbox "Make this my default provider for this Accelerator Category" may cause problems in older versions of IE. Only select this if you are familiar with using Microsoft Accelerators. 

When you highlight a part number in Internet Explorer, you will see a blue box appear near your highlighted text. Click that box to display all the available plugins you have installed.

If you made A2Everywhere℠ a default provider as referenced in step 1, you will see "Find this part with A2Everywhere" as an option. If you did not make it a default provider, you will need to go to "All Accelerators" to use A2Everywhere℠.

Click here to install A2Everywhere℠ for Internet Explorer now.