Search America II's inventory from every website

As a buyer, you probably have lots of browser windows open — constantly checking different websites for parts. You copy and paste part numbers over and over again into multiple sites to see who has the inventory you need. With A2Everywhere℠, you can reduce the clutter on your desktop. A2Everywhere℠ is a browser plugin that allows you to search America II's inventory from every website you visit. With 165,000 unique part numbers in stock, you instantly have access to one of the largest inventories in the industry!

Step 1

Go to any webpage that contains a part number. Using your mouse, click and drag to highlight the full part number. The part number does not need to be a link. It can be plain text written on the page.

Step 2

Right click the highlighted part number. A menu will appear and one of the choices will be "Find this part using A2Everywhere". Click A2Everywhere.

Step 3

A new tab will open in your browser, and you will be directed to America II's website where you'll see our stock position for the part you highlighted. You can also quickly submit an RFQ from this page.

We understand your time is valuable. A2Everywhere℠ was developed to make it even easier for buyers to search our inventory of 4 billion semiconductors and electronic components. Download the plugin today. A2Everywhere℠ is available for all three major internet browsers and is compatible with both PC and Mac.