Designers need more from their distribution partner

Today’s design landscape is crowded and competitive. The pressures heaped on Electronics Designers to get their products to market faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively are higher than ever. However engineers are continuing to face significant hurdles in sourcing the key components they need to realise their designs.

Many of the issues in the distribution chain are felt most commonly amongst the ‘mid-tier’ OEMs/ODMs. It is these companies whose needs, in my experience, are too frequently overlooked by existing distribution models. More often than not, ‘mid-tier’ OEMs/ODMs are simply not a priority for ‘tier one’ distributors, who favour the high volume and high profit business that keeps their shareholders content. Similarly, typical ‘independent’ distributors cannot guarantee the volume or reliability that long-term business requires. The mid-tier companies are left with a choice of two distribution models, neither of which perfectly meets their requirements. 

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