Engineers & Inspectors

America II demonstrates its strong commitment to quality through its people, specifically our team of component engineers and quality control inspectors.

America II has component engineers located in both North America and Asia. The team is experienced in process and root cause analysis at the component and assembly level.

The team’s mission is to ensure that America II’s customers receive authentic parts and effective support, exceeding their expectations at all times. This is accomplished by:

  • Pooling knowledge as a team to evaluate suspect parts
  • Supporting America II’s continuous improvement objectives
  • Constantly expanding expertise of component counterfeit detection
  • Sharing experiences through employee training sessions
  • Providing root cause analysis for customers at the manufacturing and field level
  • Interfacing with the customer engineering community
  • Auditing America II test partners

One of the largest teams of quality inspectors in the world

America II employs 59 professional inspectors, one of the largest teams of inspectors in distribution. These quality inspectors perform an incredibly tedious task with professionalism and precision. Their goal is to provide the highest level of quality in every order we process. On average our inspectors have been with America II for more than nine years and receive as much as 40 hours of continual improvement training per year. In addition, each inspector’s certification must be renewed every two years.
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