America II is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The year 2014 marks our 25th year in business. Since our inception, America II has become an integral part of the electronic components supply chain, partnering with the industry’s top manufacturers and servicing OEM and EMS companies around the world. We are proud and honored to celebrate this historic milestone.

"In business, reputation is everything and companies aren't successful by luck," said Michael Galinski, America II Electronics' Chief Executive Officer. "America II has spent 25 years building its brand, refining the business, and earning our customers’ trust. Many factors have contributed to our success, but it all comes down to our quality, inventory and people. Those are the three things most important to customers, and those are the three things we focus on. That's been the driving force behind our longevity."

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About America II

America II's Blended Distribution℠ model allows us to create a completely unique experience for our customers. We utilize an inventory-centric model in which we buy direct from hundreds of manufacturers and stock 4 billion components. In addition, our team of global commodity specialists sources components daily, while a team of inventory solutions experts offers asset recovery through excess purchasing programs. We have combined the best of both worlds – blending traits from both the independent and franchise space to meet the growing demand of our customers. The evolution of distribution is here.

The history of America II

In 1989, Michael Galinski founded America II Electronics, Inc. with a dream of establishing a successful distributorship in the integrated circuit market.

In today's ever-changing market, OEM and EMS companies cannot solely rely on franchise distribution to keep their production lines running. And that's where America II Electronics comes in. With a total commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, America II can offer customers a wide range of parts – all in stock and ready to ship – while providing a variety of inventory business solutions to customers attempting to manage mature or excess product.

Mr. Galinski had an eye on expansion since the company’s inception, expanding to the United Kingdom in 1994 with America II Europe Ltd., before opening the America II Japan office in Yokohama in 2000.

The year 2000 saw plenty of growth for the company as domestic and international expansion drove America II to meet rising customer demand and achieve its first $300 million year. This expansion included adding a 156,000-square foot warehousing facility to our St. Petersburg, Fla., corporate campus and establishing another international operation in Mexico.

Construction finished on another warehousing facility in St. Petersburg in May 2002, the same year international operations were added in Belgium and Germany.

The expansion continued into 2003 with start-up operations in Singapore and representation in China and Israel. Moving into 2004, America II added representation in Italy. Fully operational offices were established in Singapore in 2004 and China in 2011.

The America II distribution facility now stands at more than 420,000 square feet and stocks 4 billion components.

Attesting to the quality management practices guiding these facilities, America II has been ISO 9002-certified since 1994, in addition to achieving ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification. In 2003, America II was certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Our status as an independent distributor allows us to make quick responses to changing customer needs, trends in the market and pricing. Much of our vitality in the electronic component supply chain can be attributed to industry veterans who are skilled in forecasting the trends of the trade. Driven by the insight and experience of these professionals, America II has earned an industry-wide reputation as the source for allocated, obsolete and hard-to-find components as well as the commodity product that customers use on a daily basis.

Our successes have been noted throughout the years. Twice landing in the top 100 of Inc. Magazine's 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. The company also made the top five in the Suncoast Technology Fast 50.

In 2013, America II appeared on the Tampa Bay Business 100, Florida Trend's 200 Largest Private Companies, and the Gulf Coast 500.

In 2014, America II was once again listed on SourceESB's Top 50 Distributors Report. This time, moving up one spot overall.

Throughout the years, the America II dream has been realized, renewed and achieved in a continuous ever-progressing cycle. We remain committed to providing customers with constant and reliable access to a global source of information and supply related to their semiconductor needs, while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and an ongoing commitment to quality.