HR Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm really interested in joining your company, but I'm not sure where I would fit best. Any ideas?
A: Just send us your resume! When our recruiting team initially reviews your information, we'll consider your qualifications for the position(s) you're interested in as well as those you may not even know are available. This way, even if there are no openings in a specific area, you may still be considered for other opportunities available within our company at the time. 

Q: How and where do I apply? 
A: Send us your resume by fax 727-571-2039 or e-mail In order for our recruiting team to access your information as quickly as possible, please submit your resume as a Word document. Or, apply in person at 2510 118th Ave. No. St. Petersburg, FL 33716

You can also go to our online application to apply. While it's not necessary to complete the application online, individuals who choose this method will be exempt from filling out an application during the interview process. 

Q: What information is helpful for me to include on my resume? 
A: In addition to the traditional information you would provide on a resume, it is helpful for you to include previous work experience, salary history and desired salary, date you are available to begin work, and contact information along with what times are best to contact you. 

Q: How will I know that you've received my resume and/or application? 
A: Due to the high volume of resumes and applications we receive, we are unable to confirm the receipt of individual submissions. For this reason, we encourage you to check your fax report and/or e-mail account to verify that your information has been sent. 

Q: What happens to my resume and/or application once you've received it? 
A: Once your information is received, it is reviewed by our recruiting team and forwarded to the manager of the department to which you are applying or are qualified. After the appropriate manager has reviewed your submission, our recruiting team will contact you if there is interest in scheduling an interview. 

Q: Once my resume and/or application is in your hands, how will I know where I stand? 
A: Typically, our team will review your resume and, if interested, will call you for an interview within two weeks from the time we receive your information. If we have not contacted you within two weeks, we have likely chosen to keep your information on file for the time being. 

Q: How long will my information stay on file? 
A: Our recruiting team keeps your resume and/or application on file for one year from the time we receive it.